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Integrate with Watson Language Translator

IBM's Watson Language Translator is now available as a Machine Translation workflow step in Smartling. Watson is an advanced machine translation service which can be trained by uploading your existing translation memory in TMX format for higher quality translation. See here for general information on setting up a Machine Translations step in your workflow.

Watson Language Translator is a paid service, you will need to provide a valid username and password, as well as the models you want to use. The Watson service uses separate models for each language pair, and cover three different styles of translation: 'news', 'conversational' and 'patent'. You can also create your own custom model by uploading translation memory data. Note that Watson currently supports a limited language set. Default models are:

  • News domain
    • ar-en
    • arz-en
    • de-en
    • en-ar
    • en-arz
    • en-de
    • en-es
    • en-fr
    • en-it
    • en-pt
    • es-en
    • es-fr
    • fr-en
    • fr-es
    • it-en
    • pt-en
  • Conversational domain
    • ar-en-conversational
    • en-ar-conversational
    • en-es-conversational
    • en-fr-conversational
    • en-pt-conversational
    • es-en-conversational
    • fr-en-conversational
    • pt-en-conversational
  • Patent domain
    • es-en-patent
    • ko-en-patent
    • pt-en-patent
    • zh-en-patent

If you want to use the Watson workflow step for more than one language pair, specify each domain separated by a comma, like: 'en-fr, en-pt-conversational'. If you don't specify a model, Watson will try to determine the best model for your content automatically.

See IBM's documentation for more information on domains and creating custom models.

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