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Upload Image Context from the List View

You can now upload image context direct from the List View for both Files and GDN projects. Files projects already had the Image Context page for this, but you may find it easier to manage some of your context directly from the List View without having to switch pages. For example:

  •  If you have a specific context image you want displayed to your translators, you can find and check the relevant strings in the list view and upload the image for them. Either click Upload Image Context or just open the Actions menu and drag the image onto the page.
  • If you want to track down and cover the last few strings in your project without context, you can use the Context filter in the list view to find them and upload context without switching pages.

  • GDN context may not deliver good context for strings displayed in dynamic elements of a webpage. For these strings, you can supplement your GDN context with image context.

Note: Adding image context from the list view will override any existing context for the string, including GDN context.



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